Tin Ingot

September 9, 2018

Standard:GB/T 728

Variety:Sn99.99A, Sn99.95A, Sn99.95AA, Sn99.90A, Sn99.90AA

Properties:It is a silvery white metal. Density: 7.3g/cm3. Melting point: 231.96 °C. Tin is easy to be rolled into a foil of 0.04mm thanks to its good ductility which is only inferior to gold, silver and copper. But the tensility of white tin is bad that it cannot be pulled into wire.

Ingot weight:25kg± 1.5 kg per ingot.

Packaging:packed as bundles,40 ingots per bundle or 42 ingots per bundle.

Application:It is mainly used to make tinned products, tin based solders, tin alloys, and tin based chemicals. It is also used as a carrier in float glass production.


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