Tin-lead Wire Solder

September 9, 2018


Standard:GB/T 3131

Variety:All those listed in Standard S-Sn63PbA、S-Sn60PbA、S-Sn40PbSbA. Other products withrequirementsrements are available.

Properties:It is a silver gray metal wire with low melting point, good mechanical property and good conductivity. It has good weld ability.

Gauge:Ф0.5,Ф0.8,Ф1.0,Ф1.2,Ф2.0mm,Other products with special requirements are available.

Types of cores:solid wire, single-cored and triple-cored wires are available.

Types of soldering fluxes:R-pure resin (Halide-Free); RMA-mildly activated (halide <0.1%); RA-activated (halide content: 0.1-0.5%).

Packaging:0.5kg per coil and then 12kg per carton, 1kg per coil and then 20kg per carton, 50 coils per case, 30 coils per pallet. Special packaging is available on the request of customers.

Application:It is widely used for manual welding using soldering iron, automatic mechanical welding and wave soldering in electronic devices, computer, mobile communication devices, instrument & meter manufacturing, automobile industry and other machinery manufacturing.


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