Copper Cathode

September 9, 2018

Standard:GB/T 467


PropertiesIt  is a soft rose-begal  metal  with  metallic luster. Its density is 8.92 g/cm3; with a melting point of 1083.5℃ and a boiling point of 2595℃. It has great ductility, flexibility and stuength, which is second only to silver in terms of electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Tt can be hot and cold pressure processed. It and its compounds are all non-magnetic. At melting point,its steam pressure is low, thus it doesn't readily volatilize at metallurgical process temperature.

Packaging:Copper alloy is based on copper by adding allouing elements to change its certain excellent mechaical properties of pure used copper alloys, i.e brass, bronze and cupronickel, which are specifically used in electronic appliances, shipbuilding, construction, auto industry, national defense and a great variety of condensers and heat exchangers, especially in the manufacture of nuclear waste container, large integrated cirucuit, memory alloy, etc.




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