September 26, 2018

Yunnan Tin Company Limited was reinstituted by Yunnan Tin Corporation as the chief sponsor in November 1998. It has 135 years history so far, and its predecessor was went back to the Qing regime. The company was traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in February of 2000 with stockabbreviation of “Yunnan Tin” and stock code of "000960", and is held by Yunnan Tin Group (Holding) Company Limited and the only listing company in Chinese domestic tin industry. In 2017, The company’s Business Performance hit record highs, with revenue at 34.41 billion Yuan, increase by 2.93% year-on-year; total profit at 1.025 billion Yuan, increase by 198.7% year-on-year; total pre-tax profits at 2/05 billion Yuan, increase by 47.36% year-on-year, industrial added value at 4.746 billion Yuan, increase by 27.39% year-on-year; total assets at 30.553 billion Yuan, increase by 7.49% year-on-year.

The Company is headquartered at Gejiu City of Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan Province, is registered in High Tech industrial Zone of Kunming of Yunnan Province. Its distribution of industries around Kunming City, Honghe Prefecture, Wenshan Prefecture and Chenzhou of Hunan Province, etc. With Shanghai as the center, the company structure a wholesome global marketing network. At present, the company consists of 10 Branches, 11 domestic subsidiaries and 4 offshore subsidiaries. As at the end of 2017, there are 14,680 employee on payroll.

The company is Leading Company of Global Tin Industry, is acclaimed as the world’s largest tin producer, processor and exporter, owns the industrial integration pattern of exploration, mining, dressing, smelting and down-stream processing of Tin and other nonferrous metals, has the longest history of tin culture, the most abundant tin resources and the most integrated tin industry chain, representing the leading level of global tin industry. By 20 years development after the reform, the company Scale and product category constantly expands. Its current tin output stands at 80,000 t/y, cathode copper at 100,000 t/y, tin chemicals at 24,000 t/y, tin profiles at 38,000 t/y and zinc products (zinc concentrate, including metal zinc) at 120,000 t/y. The company covers a wide range of products as many as 660 items in 14 series, including tin ingot, cathode copper, tin-lead solder, lead-free solder, tin base alloy, and organic and inorganic tin chemicals, etc. It’s leading product with trademark of "YT” has been recognized as a Chinese famous brand and inspection-free product for export and registered in LME, hence becoming a well-known brand worldwide. Since 2005, the production and sales volume of the company has been ranked as the top of the world for 13 consecutive years. In 2017, its tin metals account for 38.31% of domestic market share and 21.08% of international market share, maintained its global leadership position.

During its 13th five year plan period, the company is surrounded by the vision of “Leading the world tin industry, to build the world-class mining enterprise”, the idea of “innovation-driven, reform breakthrough, open cooperation and transformation development” and the orientation of “transition from production type to Production operation type, combining with trade financing and capital operation”, takes “To breed and build an international first class enterprise of global tin industry, to breed and build the largest, optimal tin product manufacturer, supplier and service provider all over the world” as its own duty to deepen the reform comprehensively, accelerate the transformation and promotion, boost HQ development, strive to achieve the tin output at 100,000 t/y, copper at 150,000 t/y, zinc at 110,000 t/y, Indium at 100 t/y, tin chemicals at 78,000 t/y, tin profiles at 30,000 t/y, gold at 100 kg/y and silver at 200 t/y, to realize the revenue hit 60 billion Yuan with total profit no less than 1.5 billion Yuan, double its employee’s per capita income, and recreate the glory of Chinese tin industry.



Yunnan tin Limited by Share Ltd
ICP filing number: Dian ICP preparation No. 05000865