Yunxi USA

September 7, 2018

   Yunnan Tin  Industry Resources Co., Ltd. (“US Company”) is a Chinese-owned company  affiliated to Yunnan Tin Industry Co., Ltd., which was established on  January 10, 2003, and is registered in San Francisco, USA. The  main business is to carry out the sales of tin-tin products such as tin  ingots, tin materials, tin chemicals, solders, alloys, indium ingots,  antimony ingots, lead ingots, etc., to carry out after-sales service and  related import and export trade, to understand the international market  dynamics and product development trends. Information to actively expand the American market.

Company address:2050 Pioneer Ct., Suite 220 San Mateo, California 94403 U.S.A.

Zip code:CA 94403

Tel: (650) 312-9282

Fax: (650) 312-9286


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ICP filing number: Dian ICP preparation No. 05000865